Ed Webb-Ingall is a filmmaker and researcher working with archival materials and methodologies drawn from community video. He collaborates with groups to explore under-represented historical moments and their relationship to contemporary life, developing modes of self-representation specific to the subject or the experiences of the participants.

In 2018 I completed a practice-based PhD at Royal Holloway University, where I carried out the first in-depth study of the history and practice of community video in the UK. I currently run the public programme for the London Community Video Archive, at Goldsmiths College, University of London. My research and film practice have resulted in opportunities to present, exhibit and publish my work nationally and internationally.

In 2012, I spent a year working on Move:Together a film and dance project at South London Gallery. In 2013, at the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival I presented the video project ReFramed Youth, this same year, I co-edited Derek Jarman’s Sketchbooks (Thames & Hudson). In 2014, on a British Council Residency in LA, I made a new video project with Echo Park Film Centre. In 2015, I was LUX writer in residence and exhibited the People Make Videos project at The Showroom Gallery. In 2016, I co-curated the Artist Moving Image Festival, Tramway, Glasgow, published an article for the Liverpool Biennial journal and began a new commission for Studio Voltaire, London. In 2017, I published an article on early video art in the UK for MIRAJ and a chapter on 1970s Community Video in Other Cinemas: Politics, Culture and Experimental Film in the 1970s (IB Tauris), edited by Laura Mulvey and Sue Clayton. In 2017/2018 I presented iterations of my video project about Section 28, We Have Rather Been Invaded, at Ryerson, Toronto and Common Guild, Glasgow as well as part of a national touring program called Staying Out:2018, funded by the Arts Council. I was  commissioned by Invisible Dust to make a film with Scottish island communities, touring 10 Scottish venues in the Highlands and Islands, including DCA, Dundee, throughout 2018/19. In 2018, I co-programmed a series of screenings at the ICA pairing videos by contemporary artists with archival films. I also had an exhibition at Focal Point Gallery, which was reveiwed for Frieze. In autumn 2018, I returned to South London Gallery to carry out a new commission called The Archive is Political and commenced research on a new project about Community Land Trusts in Milton Keynes, commissioned by MK Gallery. In 2019 I worked with Collective Gallery in Edinburgh to develop a new group, which will be led by young people interested in art and questions of representation. I also developed a new video project about direct action in collaboration with Waltham Forest Borough of Culture and Art Night. For the month of October in 2019 I co-curated an exhibtion with LUX in London and the LCVA entitled ‘All you need’s an excuse’. Whilst on residency at Hospitalfield, in autumn 2019 I began work on a new book as part of a Paul Mellon Fellowship with the working title ‘Video Activism Before the Internet’. In 2020, the book was taken up by the BFI/Bloomsbury as part of their Screen Stories series with the title ‘The Story of Video Activism’. Also in 2020, I am  working with Grand Union, Birmingham, LUX Scotland, Nottingham Contemporary and Rule of Threes, Liverpool on a new project looking at the role of video in response to the housing crisis under the title ‘Forming a Resident’s Association’, which was referenced in Frieze. At the same time, in collaboration with Serptentine Gallery, I am developing a new project with Portman Early Chilhood Centre with the working title ‘Like Coming Home’.

I am senior lecturer on the BA Film and Screen Studies course at London College of Communication, University of the Arts London

Contact: edwebbingall [@] gmail.com

Current Projects:

Forming a Resident’s Association, Grand Union, Birmingham,LUX, Scotland and Nottingham Contemporary,Nottingham, ongoing 

Video Activism Before the Internet: 1969-1993 (working title), 2019/2020

The London Community Video Archive

Recent Past Projects:

A one-day online symposium, September 2020

Imagining political education: A screening series, The World Transformed, September 2020

Fortnightly Highlight 5: What Would You Make A Video About?, The Showroom Gallery, June 2020

CCA STREAMS – We Have Rather Been Invaded, CCA Goldsmiths, June 2020

LOOKING, SEEING, SHOWING, Alchemy Film Festival, Hawick, March 2020 - POSTPONED

DO NOT TAPE OVER: AIDS Activist Video In The UK, With Theodore Kerr, UnionDocs, New York, March 2020 - POSTPONED

Video Activism in London: 1969–1993, Fellows Lunch, Paul Mellon Centre, London, April 2020 - POSTPONED

Queer Film Screening: We Have Rather Been Invaded, Category is Books, Glasgow, Scotland, February 2020

(Un)mapping the City: Music Videos and Beyond – Screening and Discussion, London College of Communication, 2020

‘doing your homework – eating your dinner – drawing a picture’, Flattime House, London, 2020

DELPHINE SEYRIG AND HER LEGACY, Symposium: Between Cinema and Video Activism, Institut français, London, 2020

Book Launch: The Last Gay Liberationist by Michael Bronski, Gay’s the Word, London, 2019

12th OURMedia Conference:Mediactivism – Scholactivism, Brussels, 2019

each person houses parts of others (2), LUX Scotland, Screening, Glasgow, 2019

KEITH HARING: ART AND ACTIVISM IN 1980s NEW YORK, conference, Tate Liverpool, 2019

An Introduction to The London Community Video Archive, Barbican, London, 2019

each person houses parts of others (1), LUX Scotland, Screening, Inverness, 2019

LCVA & Mosaic LGBT Youth present: Framed Youth: Revenge of the Teenage Perverts, LUX, London, 2019

Forming a Residents’ Association: Study day, LUX, 2019

All you need’s an excuse, Exhibtion, LUX, London, 2019

Out in the Forest, Waltham Forest Borough of Culture, 2019

Playback: Community Video In South London, CCA Goldsmiths, London, 2019

Radical Film: community and collective film-making - working methods, funding and distribution, BECTU Freelancers Fair, London, 2019

Direct! Action! Art Night London, 2019

Meeting in Process, Collective Gallery, Edinburgh, 2019

Direct! Action! Protest and the Forest, Waltham Forest Borough of Culture, 2019

The Archive is Political, South London Gallery, London, 2018/2019

Lie of the Land, Milton Keynes Gallery, March 2019

How We See the Sea: Exhibition, Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh Science Festival, 2019

How We See the Sea: Film Festival, Timespan, Helmsdale, 2019

Queer Times School, Gallery of Art Glasgow, February 2019

A Process A Proposal A Plan - Masterclass in Community Videomaking, DCA Dundee, January 2019

How we see the see, DCA Dundee, January 2019

LUX Scotland presents: I walk there every day but I never saw it that way + Cladach, GFT Glasgow, January 2019

In conversation with Olivia Plender, ICA London, January 2019

November Film Festival, November 2018

In conversation with Anna Raczynski, Jerwood Space, November

London Community Video Archive screening and workshop, Marseille Undergroud Film Festival, November 2018

We Have Rather Been Invaded (Screening), Cambridge University, October 2018

We Have Rather Been Invaded, Focal Point Gallery, Southend

Notes Towards a Self Image, Pavillion, Leeds

28 lessons I was never taught

FPG Film Club: 'Veronica 4 Rose'